Monthly Archives: February 2012

Ewaso Lions Welcomes Two New Staff Members

We are pleased to announce two new members of our core team; Yesalai Lemachokoti and Laikos Letupukwa. Yesalai is a young Samburu warrior who comes from the Sasaab area in Westgate Conservancy. Yesalai is now our new Assistant Community Officer who will be assisting Ngila with recording all conflict incidences and working with the communities. […]

A Surprise in Westgate’s Conservation Area

Since the rains and floods that took place in November 2011, it was difficult for us to conduct our regular transects and drives in the Core Conservation Area in Westgate Community Conservancy. The area began to dry up slowly and we were able to finally start our drives in early January. For the first few […]

Ewaso Lions Sponsors Young Girl To Attend Secondary School

We have recently sponsored a young 15 year old Samburu girl, Painoti Letabare, to attend secondary school in Maralal, Samburu District. Painoti comes from the Westgate area in Westgate Conservancy and lives with her parents and younger siblings. She is the first from the family to be given the opportunity to attend secondary school after […]