Monthly Archives: July 2011

Our Kitchen is Under Attack

Greetings from Ewaso Lions Camp! I’m writing today with an urgent plea for donations to help with some problems we are facing in our research camp here in Samburu. For weeks we have been fending off a small army of pests which are determined to overtake our kitchen and make our lives more difficult. Persistent […]

New Mother Lionesses Kill a Warthog

Nashipai and Nabo, our two resident lionesses in Samburu National Reserve recently gave birth and we have been monitoring them closely over the past few weeks.  Whilst watching the two females resting along the Ewaso Nyiro River a few days ago, a family of unsuspecting warthogs stumbled across the lionesses.  Nabo quickly caught one of […]

Workshop for Carnivore Researchers

This week was the annual Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) Carnivore Research and Conservation Workshop. It’s a great way for all of us involved in carnivore conservation to come together and provide updates on research and project activities. Jeneria, Paul, our volunteer Heather, and I attended. This year the workshop was again held at KWS headquarters […]