Monthly Archives: June 2011

Update on the Injured Lion Magilani

On the 25th of June, Lpuresi (one of the Wildlife Watch warriors) found 3 sets of tracks in Mpus Kutuk Conservancy – just across the river from Westgate.  Jeneria and Lpuresi returned to the area the following day and found the tracks again.  Next to one of the tracks was some dried blood and skin.  […]

Local Samburu Children Go On Safari with Ewaso Lions

I always love going on game drives. But taking 31 laughing, bouncing, squirming little kids on a game drive is the best. Today we took kids from the local primary school into the park to get up close to wildlife. We piled the kids into two Land Cruisers along with two teachers and Ngila, our […]

Ambassador Lioness Severely Wounded

Our favorite local lion, Magilani, has been critically injured. We don’t yet know how she was injured or what her outlook is. But she is alive and she is with her two cubs, and she can move around. We are doing everything we can to find her and assess the situation and her status. Here’s […]