Monthly Archives: April 2011

“Running for Lions” Marathon Scheduled for May 2nd 2011

After the huge success of our first marathon last year on May 1st in Westgate Community Conservancy, we are now getting ready for the second marathon to be held in a few days.  This year will be bigger!  We’ve received interest from many communities around Westgate and people here in Westgate are already training hard.  […]

Update from Yale; Disneynature’s African Cats Event

Hi everyone, greetings from New Haven, Connecticut. It’s cold and wet and gray so naturally my thoughts are set on that Samburu sun. I’m winding down my first year at the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies and it’s been a fantastic opportunity to get linked with a wonderful community of students and faculty […]

Warriors at Work

The Warriors from the Warrior Watch Programme have been engaged in conservation since January 2010.  Following the success of the programme, we recently expanded into the neighbouring Mpus Kutuk Conservancy.  We now have 16 warriors actively involved in wildlife conservation. Since December 2010, each of the warriors have spent a number of weeks with us […]

Life Inside a Lion Research Camp

Today we have a guest blogger  -Shane Dallas – who has supported Ewaso Lions since 2007 and has been a regular visitor to Samburu.  We were very happy to host Shane in August 2010 and today he writes about his stay with us in Westgate.  Here is one of the paragraphs from his blog: “Back […]