Monthly Archives: March 2011

Warrior Watch Expands to Mpus Kutuk

Warriors in Westgate have been engaged in conservation and part of our Warrior Watch programme since January 2010.  The 5 warriors from Westgate Community Conservancy have remained enthusiastic and excited about their roles in conservation through 2010 as they reported on wildlife sightings, attended conflict cases and held meetings of their own with other warriors […]

Mara Connections

We recently returned from a fantastic trip to the famous Maasai Mara National Reserve.  Although this provided us with a wildlife spectacle that most of us had only dreamed about before, we also got to meet some amazing people doing important work and establish crucial connections.  We first met the hyena researchers from Michigan State […]

Ewaso Lions visits the famous Maasai Mara

Thanks to our great friend and supporter Chip Owen, the Ewaso Lions team had a fantastic opportunity to visit the famous Maasai Mara Reserve in Southern Kenya, in early February.  This educational trip would give everyone the chance to see new wildlife, view a different landscape and interact with other conservationists, guides and Maasai community […]

Water for Wildlife

Over the past few weeks, the drought has worsened in the area.  The Ewaso Nyiro River has been dry for a while now and we’ve been digging waterholes in the dry river-bed for the wildlife.  Fortunately, the number of elephants has increased in the area and they have assisted in providing water for the other […]

Samburu Faces Another Drought

Samburu has been hit yet again by another prolonged dry period.  The area was devastated in 2009 with a very severe drought which killed many animals; both livestock and wildlife.  People really struggled for water and it was a tough year.  Finally early 2010, it rained and floods washed through the area.  The area began […]

My First Lion

Here is the final blog post from Lauren Ross, our Ewaso Lions intern. Lauren spent a month with us and worked really hard in arranging, entering and analysing all the Warrior Watch data.  I hope you enjoy her last blog. I finally saw lions!! My very last day with Shivani was definitely the highlight as […]

Our Brand New Ewaso Lions Newsletter is Here!

Hello everyone! We are pleased to present our new Field Report. This newsletter provides updates and stories about our recent lion research and conservation activities in Kenya. Download the Ewaso Lions Field Report: March 2011 In this issue: Lion update Warrior Watch Camera Traps School support and scholarship update Lion census in Shaba Staff updates […]

In The Company of Warriors

Here’s another blog from Lauren Ross, our Ewaso Lions volunteer A photograph doesn’t do this place justice! This is one of many things I’ve learned about the Samburu area. I’ve tried to photograph as many aspects as possible in order to attempt to convey to my family and friends the awe inspired within by the […]