Monthly Archives: February 2011

Battle in Samburu

After a long unsuccessful morning of looking for lions in Samburu National Reserve, Jeneria and I were heading back to camp, when some tour vehicles rushed passed us and yelled “wild dogs” out of the window.  We followed and sure enough came to the famous “Daraja ya Wire” in Samburu National Reserve where 15 wild […]

First Days in Samburu

Today we have one of Ewaso Lions’ interns, Lauren Ross, write about her experiences in Samburu.  Lauren is working on the Warrior Watch data and will be with us for 4 weeks.  You will hear more from her over the next month.  Enjoy Lauren’s blog! Jambo, Sopa and Hello from Westgate Community Conservancy! I’m Lauren […]

Lions Kill Cheetah

We had very few cheetahs sightings in 2009 but finally towards the end of 2010, we started seeing more.    Cheetahs tend to leave parks and reserves where lion numbers are high and appear to do better outside in the community areas. We are now seeing cheetahs almost on a weekly basis and most of […]

Ewaso Lions Funds New Entrance into Samburu

During the devastating March 2010 floods, the main bridge connecting Samburu National Reserve and Buffalo Springs National Reserve was washed away, along with the entrance gate into Samburu. As you know, Ewaso Lions works closely with the Reserves and we wanted to offer support after the flood. We decided a great gift to Samburu National […]