Think of Ewaso Lions This Holiday Season

Dear friends,

Warm greetings from Ewaso Lions Camp! 2010 is quickly coming to an end, but our team continues pushing forward with our field activities. It has been another exciting year mixed with both setbacks and successes. I write to you now in the hopes that you can help us close the year on a high note.

It’s been a difficult year from a fundraising standpoint. We have many important lion conservation activities in desperate need of funding. Much of our field equipment needs replacing after a lot of wear and tear in Samburu. Our vehicle maintenance costs have also increased due to tough radio-collaring operations and covering more mileage on rough roads after the Uaso Bridge was destroyed in the floods.  We want to expand our Camera Trapping programme to continue capturing exciting data on lions and other wildlife not seen by day. We are running out of money to pay salaries for our lion scouts and camp staff – the guys that keep Ewaso Lions going.  They also need new uniforms and equipment like GPS units and batteries.  We want to continue supporting the local community through our Warrior Watch, education, and wildlife awareness programmes.

Your donations have made a HUGE impact. I am completely honest when I say we cannot do this without you. Thank you for all your generosity and continued support.

We recently partnered with The WILD Foundation and now you can make secure tax-deductible donations to Ewaso Lions through this fantastic organization. I urge you to consider supporting our lion conservation efforts this holiday season and make Ewaso Lions your project of choice for Christmas.

We remain positive that lions and people can coexist without conflict, and our efforts are making headway towards this. But we need your help to get there!

Happy holidays from the entire Ewaso Lions team.

Warm wishes,

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