Monthly Archives: October 2010

Fieldwork in Shaba

I resumed work in Shaba this year after stability returned to the area – it was a bit unsettled last year.  Jeneria and I spent a few weeks between January and March followed by some time there in June and August.    We often saw lion tracks on the sandy roads in Shaba, however sighting them […]

Camera Traps Success

We’ve been using camera traps in Westgate Community Conservancy in Samburu since February this year and have captured images of rare nocturnal creatures almost every night.   Being a community area, the animals are nervous and don’t come out of the thick bushes until they feel safe at night.   We often only get a glimpse of […]

Lions Hunt Young Elephant

Our two resident males in Samburu managed to bring down an elephant calf recently.  They have hunted elephants on a few other occasions and appear to be proficient elephant hunters.  The boys stayed with the elephant for days – I have never seen them this huge and they were almost unable to move!  Its good […]