Monthly Archives: September 2010

Lions on Leopard Rock

Driving into Samburu National Reserve recently, we were treated to a lovely lion scene. In the distance we could see the prominent Leopard Rock on top of which were sitting what looked like lions.  We drove up slowly and sure enough, we saw a small lion cub sitting at the top of Leopard Rock, and […]

A Week in Westgate

Today we have a guest blogger, Heather Gurd, write about her experience in Westgate in August.  Heather is an intern from the UK and has been a tremendous help over the past few weeks and a  fantastic volunteer to have.   I hope all the readers will enjoy a different perspective to our work and life […]

Warrior Watch Update

It has been a while since I’ve updated you about our warriors from the Warrior Watch Programme.  They are all doing well and were busy in August attending conflict cases and reporting back on wildlife sightings within the area. Lemeen, who comes from the northern area of Westgate was beginning to see eland almost daily.  […]

Beautiful and Elusive Lioness Magilani Introduces Her Cubs

We were so fortunate to see Magilani and her 2 cubs in August.  We saw her almost daily at her usual time of around 6:30 pm.  Her cubs were curious at first to see who we were and what we were all about. Initially, she was also wary of our presence but eventually settled down […]