Monthly Archives: June 2010

Running For Lions: the First-Ever Westgate Marathon

Ewaso Lions, in partnership with Sasaab Lodge and Westgate Community Conservancy, held the first-ever marathon in Westgate Community Conservancy on May 1st. We had over 35 runners including 5 children participate in the event themed “Running for Lions.” This special community event was held to increase awareness of the importance of lion conservation in the […]

Special Sightings

We’ve been extremely fortunate over the past few weeks in terms of wildlife sightings! African wild dogs seem to be everywhere and we have a very pregnant female in a pack of 10 very close to camp. We watched them swim across the great Ewaso Nyiro River a few days ago which was amazing. Could […]

My First Flight

Today we have a special guest blogger: Jeneria, Ewaso Lions’ Head Spotter and Assistant. Here he recounts his first time to fly in a plane. One day we collared a male lion called Lguret [See the blog on the collaring operation here]. We went back to Save The Elephants research camp to spend the night. […]