Monthly Archives: March 2010

Important Changes to How You Donate to Ewaso Lions

Starting March 30th, Wildlife Direct will no longer be processing donations on behalf of the conservation groups that blog with them, including Ewaso Lions. This is a bit of a challenge for us, but we are working on an alternative way to accept your donations starting in April. We will receive all donations made to […]

Thank You For Your Donations After the Flood

Thank you to everyone who responded to our appeal for assistance after the massive flood hit Samburu. We are so grateful to numerous individuals who dropped everything to come to our rescue and also made donations through this blog! A huge thanks to Lee, Norma, Keri, Deborah, Tom, Junia, Tatjana, Lindsay, Paula, Paul, Isadora, Jan […]

First Students Sponsored by Ewaso Lions

We are excited to announce the first two students sponsored by Ewaso Lions, Samson and Edward. These bright boys completed primary school at Lpus Leluai here in Westgate Community Conservancy. We are sponsoring them to continue their education at a highly ranked secondary school in Meru. Under the Ewaso Lions sponsorship, their tuition will be […]

Trying to Recover After the Flood

We are slowly getting back on our feet here in Samburu and trying to recover from the devastating floods. I will write more soon about my personal experience of being caught in the floods, but for now I wanted to update you on where we are now. The Save the Elephants research camp is slowly […]

Photos of the Flood Aftermath

More photos showing the wreckage caused by the massive flood in Samburu on March 4. Samburu National Reserve after the Ewaso Nyiro River burst its banks. This used to be the Uaso Bridge, a main bridge connecting Samburu and Buffalo Springs National Reserves. David Daballen of Save The Elephants stands where camp used to be. […]

Photos of Samburu Flood

I’ve just received these photos from Shivani who is in the reserve dealing with the aftermath of yesterday’s massive floods in Samburu. Photos above: Flooding at Save The Elephants camp. A helicopter helps evacuate people. Save The Elephants expects the damages to their camp to be in the hundreds of thousands of US dollars. Shivani […]

Massive Flood Devastates Samburu

Samburu has been hit by a massive flood which has destroyed six lodges and the Save The Elephants research camp. The wreckage is unbelievable. There have been no reports of casualties and the Ewaso Lions team is ok. Around 5am this morning, a giant flashflood came down the Ewaso Nyiro river, washing away lodges and […]

Finally Capturing and Collaring Lguret

We’ve just completed a grueling but successful lion collaring operation in the reserves. The four-day operation was sponsored by Save The Elephants (STE) and involved putting tracking collars on eight elephants and one lion. To be efficient and utilize the time of the visiting Kenya Wildlife Service vet, decided to re-collar Lguret, the male lion […]