Monthly Archives: February 2010

Lions Hunting Baboons

We’ve just ended our 16th day looking for Lguret, the male lion we GPS-collared to track his movements. After a year, it is time to de-collar him and we have been searching endlessly for him so that a KWS vet can safely anesthetize him and attend to the collar. It has been an incredible struggle […]

First Cheetahs

We’ve had a couple nice surprises in the last 24 hours. First, at about 11pm last night, we were roused awake by a group of elephants passing right through camp. I peeped out my tent window and saw the giant black silhouettes only feet from Shivani’s tent. Their footsteps were barely audible, but we could […]

Camera Traps

Thanks to Panthera, we now have two camera traps to assist us in documenting night visitors. Camera traps are digital cameras equipped with motion sensors, which take photos automatically when an animal (lion, leopard, hyena, etc.) passes by and sets off the camera. I’ve never used one before, but I’ve been intrigued for some time, […]