Monthly Archives: October 2009

Camp Has A New Look!

The Ewaso Lions camp has a new look!   We’ve lived here now for 16 months and it was definitely time for some improvements.  Click here to see what camp looked like in 2008 when we first moved here. Sasaab Lodge generously donated and constructed a waterproof shade in camp.  Before this, we had a canvas […]

Rare Sightings

I am sooo excited to report that I have had 2 very special sightings of wild dogs recently! (My first proper sighting of them was in February this year in Samburu Reserve). The first sighting was on the 9th of September and was about 10 minutes away from camp in the Conservation Area in West […]

Changes In Samburu

Samburu is transforming!  Every day the landscape changes colour.  Trees are the greenest they have been this whole year and its amazing to watch the animals come alive.  All the animals seem more energetic and excited with the new greenery and water.  Impalas, oryx, waterbuck and buffalo who managed to survive through the drought are […]

Ewaso Lions News

Amidst this terrible drought, the lions have done great!  Together with the other predators, they are probably the only animals to have benefited from the arid conditions.  The Koitogor pride came together a few months ago and started bringing down larger animals – giraffes, buffalo, zebra – which became their main prey.  Nashipai and Nabo’s […]

Rains Arrive In Samburu!

The rains are finally here!!! This is the worst drought that most people can remember.  Livestock and wildlife have died in large numbers over the past few months and the river remained dry for most of the year.  It has been desperate and the most difficult period that I can remember during my years in […]