Monthly Archives: March 2009

Feast For The Cubs

It was just after 4 pm yesterday when I came across Nabo and Nashipai, the 2 main lionesses from the Koitogor Pride, in the middle of suffocating an adult male impala, in Samburu National Reserve.  Nabo held onto her prey’s throat with her jaws whilst Nashipai started eating. Two lionesses from Samburu, Nabo and Nashipai, […]

We Urgently Need New Tents!

We are now desperately in need of small camping tents for the Echo Lima (Ewaso Lions) Camp.  We donated one to the community scouts a few weeks ago as they often work at night in the Conservation Area in West Gate.  Now, our second small tent has succumbed to the intense heat and strong winds […]

Donkeys Killed In Camp

A few nights ago I woke up at 3 am to hear hyenas all around my tent at the Echo Lima Camp in West Gate Community Conservancy.  They were whooping and running around everywhere. This went on for about an hour and then suddenly stopped.  I went back to sleep and awoke the next morning […]

Ewaso Lions Donates Books to Local Primary School

I have worked with Lpus Leluai Primary School in West Gate Community Conservancy for many years.  It is a school I believe in greatly which has a lot of potential and some smart kids.  The school struggled for many years with food shortages, strong winds blew the classroom roofs away, lack of teachers and many […]


Magilani.  She is a beautiful lioness surviving by herself in the Conservation Area in West Gate Community Conservancy.  Here is her story… Last year I was fortunate to see my first group of “Real Lions“.  These lions are community lions. They live in community areas and struggle to survive surrounded by people and livestock.  The […]

Conservation Area – West Gate Community Conservancy

I moved to West Gate from Samburu National Reserve in May 2008, and set up the Echo Lima (Ewaso Lions) Camp here.  West Gate is a community owned and managed group ranch, where local communities, their livestock and wildlife all live together.  It is a stunning area and is adjacent to Samburu. View of West […]

More Photos of Uni’s Cubs and A Thank You!

Sauwah, thank you so much for your donation and your continued support! Uni’s 4 little cubs are definitely very cute and the photo in my previous blog entry was a male cub.  Two of the cubs are male and 2 are female.   When they are very young, they do have blue/grey eyes. To answer […]

Big Bull Elephant Dies Mysteriously

A few weeks ago, whilst we were in camp we heard that a bull elephant had died about 1 km away.  This big bull is a known individual, called Esidai, and has been studied for many years by the Save the Elephants researchers. I used to see him often here in West Gate, hanging out […]

Thank you Kevin and Brenton!

Dear Kevin and Brenton, Thank you for your donations towards a new camp mess tent after reading our appeal.   We hope to receive more funds over the next 2-3 months and this will enable us to erect a new thatched mess tent in May or June. Every penny helps and goes a long way […]

Buffalo Chases Lions… Again!!!

A few days ago I was tracking Lguret, the lion we radio-collared a month ago, when I found him walking in some saltbush plains watching a buffalo in Samburu National Reserve.  He was with his brother Loirish.  They came across a giraffe and showed no interest in him, but then appeared to be very wary […]