Monthly Archives: February 2009

Wild Dogs in Samburu!

I am super excited to report that I saw wild dogs on the 21st of February in Samburu National Reserve!  This was the 4th time I have seen wild dogs, but by far this was the best sighting I have had.  Prior to this, I have only seen them at night and dashing across the […]

Please Help Us Buy A New Camp Mess Tent!

Our mess tent has fallen apart!  We have had it up since June 2008 and the sun has weakened the canvas cover (bought second hand many years ago).  Over the past few weeks, we’ve had crazy winds in camp and it has just ripped the canvas cover apart!  We desperately need a new one – […]

Thank you Karie!

Dear Karie, Thank you so much for your donation to the Ewaso Lion Project.  The donation will go directly towards field costs. Your  support is really appreciated and again, thank you! With my best wishes, Shivani This little cub is one of the latest additions to the Ewaso Lions!

Good News from Samburu!

There is great news to report from Samburu!  There are 4 new cubs!  Uni, one of the resident females in Samburu National Reserve, has just come out with her cubs.  I was very fortunate to see her moving her 4 cubs from one thick bushy area to another.  The cubs are just under 8-9 weeks […]

Radio-Collaring of An Ewaso Lion

We have our first radio-collared Ewaso Lion!  On Thursday the 28th of January, I managed to locate Lguret at 6:36 am.  Lguret was one of the Real Lions – a maneless male who I first saw in July 2008 in West Gate Community Conservancy (WGCC) with 2 other males.  The coalition of 3 moved to […]

Tree Full of Cubs

Hello all! I am so sorry for not writing in a few weeks.  We have been super busy here in Samburu and it has been non-stop for us.  I have much to report on, but first wanted to share with you some images taken last week of the 5 Samburu cubs in a tree. I […]