Monthly Archives: January 2009

Lioness Kills Donkey

A few days after the 3 lions killed 3 cows, I was driving in the Conservation Area in West Gate Community Conservancy, when I met the Head of Security patrolling on the main road. He said he had just heard from a herder that a lioness had killed a donkey a few minutes ago. We […]

Kenyan Kids on Safari

Kenyan Kids on Safari is a great programme where Kenyan children are provided with the opportunity to join tourists and other visitors on a safari experience in Kenyan reserves.  Most Kenyan children have never had the experience of a game drive and they miss out on viewing wildlife due to the high cost of safaris.  […]

Lions Kill 3 Cows

During my regular monitoring of the Conservation Area in West Gate Conservancy,we saw a Samburu elder in the distance who appeared to be walking around keenly searching for something. I turned off the engine and we walked towards him asking if there was any problem and the reason he was in the Conservation Area at […]

Emerging Wildlife Conservation Leaders

I want to take this opportunity to write about a recent trip I made to the US and the wildlife programme I was involved in. I traveled to Washington DC in early December 2008 to graduate from the Emerging Wildlife Conservation Leaders (EWCL) programme.  The EWCL process is guided by a Board of Directors comprised […]

Research on Leopard Cannibalism

Dear readers, I found the following 2 papers on leopard feeding habits which talk about leopard cannibalism: This paper describes leopard food habits in a National Park in Gabon, where leopard remains were found in a leopard scat analysis study. This second paper also describes prey selection of leopards in the Ituri Forest in the […]

Thank You! December Donations

Dear Sauwah, Wanda, Madeliene and Artie, Thank you so much for the recent donations made in December towards the Ewaso Lion Project.  Your support is going a long way in helping secure a future for this unknown lion population in Northern Kenya. Thank you again! I hope you enjoy the next few blogs I’ll be […]

Watching An Elephant Die

A few days ago, I was in camp mid-morning when I received a radio message from the community scouts informing me that an elephant was dying and had lay down.  Two days prior to this I had seen a young female elephant looking very thin in the Conservation Area of West Gate Conservancy.  Her 2.5 […]

Leopard Cannibalism

I monitor and patrol the Conservation area in West Gate Community Conservancy on a daily basis, recording all sightings of not only predators but wild prey too and even livestock, who at times encroach into this small area in the middle of the conservancy. A few days ago, during my morning drive, I saw a […]