Monthly Archives: December 2008

Wedding Video Clips from Wamba

Below are a few video clips from Raph’s wedding in Wamba.  It was a very vibrant occasion full of colour and dance.  Perfect viewing for this Christmas period! Happy holidays to you all, Shivani Below is a warrior dance and song specific to Samburu ceremonies.  They sing about cattle raiding, the areas they walk through […]

Another “Ewaso Lions Wedding”

The entire Ewaso Lions team has just returned from a 2 day wedding in Wamba, North of Samburu.  This was the second wedding of the year of one of the Ewaso Lions team members.  This wedding was for the project’s community officer – Raphael Lekuraiyo.  Jeremiah Letoole, Ewaso Lions scout, was married in July this […]

An Xmas Appeal

We are approaching the end of 2008 and what a year it has been.  Thank you to all the donors who have supported this project and come to our rescue when we really needed it.  Generous funds have been donated towards Gypsy, a new hard drive, camp solar system, Joseph’s salary, vehicle security radio and […]

Year in Review 2008

It has been a really successful year with a lot happening; good and some bad but mostly great and exciting. Below are some of the highlights of the year. –  The Ewaso Lions (El) team was formed early in the year.  Raphael (community officer), Joseph (camp manager and cook), Lekuraiyo and Ricila (trackers) and Jeneria, […]

Happy Holidays from Ewaso Lions

Hello all, I have just arrived back in Samburu after spending time overseas and also at home in Nairobi.  I have many stories for you, but first wanted to send out a little note to everyone to thank you for reading the Ewaso Lions blog this year and also for your comments and questions.  Your […]