Monthly Archives: November 2008

Samburu – Where A Lioness Adopted An Oryx

I just wanted to remind readers or inform anyone who did not know of this story – Samburu was the home to a very interesting and unusual lioness, called Kamunyak, who adopted a baby oryx antelope in 2001/2002 and continued to do so on 5 other occasions. I only got to see Kamunyak (meaning “the […]

Away From Samburu

Dear friends and readers of Ewaso Lions, I will be away from Samburu until the 15th of December.  However, the Ewaso Lion Scouts, Raphael and Joseph are still in the field continuing with their work.  Raphael has been busy moving from village to village in West Gate recording conflict during this rainy season when conflict […]

Echo Lima Outpost

In August, Raphael and Joseph decided to make a permanent base for themselves, especially after the Echo Lima Camp was closed.  They made a traditional Samburu house in West Gate (actually near the gate itself) neighbouring many other homesteads. Raphael and Joseph’s house on the right with my tent behind it This has now become […]

Lioness Kills Waterbuck… Or Does She?

Just before I left Samburu, I went out on my last game-drive as the rains had begun.  I was driving near Larsens Camp when I came across Nashipai with a warthog in her mouth.  She was moving quickly and I lost sight of her.  As I looked for her, I stumbled across Nabo instead who […]

Video of Lions after being chased by Buffalos

A few weeks ago I saw 3 buffalo chase lions in Samburu.  It was a very intense chase and the lions ran off and Uni, a female, jumped up a tree.  Click on the videos below to see her in the tree, worried about the buffalo and then later on walking off only to find […]

Rains At Last…Bugs, Bugs and Bugs

I have just returned from a tough week in the field in West Gate Conservancy.  The rains have finally arrived in Samburu which is great.  I unfortunately chose the wrong time to move back to Echo Lima Camp for a week (its been sunny and blue skies since I left!). I had scheduled to work […]

More Tree Planting

Here is a short update on the trees project.  With the recent arrival of the rains, the trees planted early in the year are doing really well.  This is especially the case at Lpus Leluai Primary School in West Gate.  Roy Juma’s Neem tree has grown to more than half a metre! Roy (centre of […]

Dead Lion Discovered in Buffalo Springs

I had just left for Nairobi on the 28th of October when I received a call from the rangers at Buffalo Springs Reserve that a lion had died about 40 metres away from the Chokaa Gate, early that morning. When I heard this, my mind thought of it having died as a result of conflict […]