Monthly Archives: October 2008

Thank you Sauwah

Sauwah, thank you so much for your donation.  I realise that these are hard times for all and you continue to support our work here in Samburu and help me get through when I really need it.  For this, I am so grateful. I saw the lion cubs a few days ago.  Nabo, the mother, […]

Asante Sana Jan!

Jan, thank you so much for donating to a new hard drive for my computer.  I have got one now and am getting familiar with the upgraded system on my Macbook.  I really appreciate it and am so grateful. It has rained a lot in Samburu over the past 10 days…. below are a few […]

Thank you Madeliene for your monthly donation!

Thank you Madeliene and Stuart for your donation towards Joseph’s salary. Joseph and I are very grateful for this, and your support means so much to us.  Below are a few photos of Joseph at his house in West Gate with Raphael.

Urgent Funds Needed

I hate to write more bad news but unfortunately that is the case.  My silence over the past week is basically due to my hard drive crashing a few days ago.  And with no warning at all.  My laptop (Macbook) is only 2 years old and I thought that I still had a while to […]

A Taster of Shaba

I journeyed to Shaba a few weeks ago for 2 days. It had been many months since I had last visited Shaba and I was really excited to go. Shaba is a stunning reserve, East of Samburu and Buffalo Springs National Reserves. It is larger than Samburu and Buffalo Springs and has many more swamps […]

I Gave A Thief A Lift

It is quite a common occurrence to be asked to give someone a lift when living and working in the reserves. I have often given people lifts to lodges, villages and local towns in the area, including dropping and picking sick people. However, things took a bad turn in August. I had gone to pick […]

Buffalo Chase Lions

I was driving back from Shaba on the 14th of September when I came across Uni and Lpatpata, the new male, by the river resting. The river had come up and was flowing rapidly below them. Three buffalo crossed the river from Buffalo Springs into Samburu and saw the 2 lions resting on the beach. […]

Closing The Echo Lima Camp

I closed the Echo Lima camp at the end of August since I would be on safari for much of September and would also be spending some time in Samburu Reserve. It had been a great few months in this small fly camp in West Gate Community Conservancy and I was sad to pack up […]

Mystery Solved

So yes, these are the same males! I was able to identify them by looking at the whisker spot patterns, nose pigmentation and scarring on the photos of both lions. It was a bit hard comparing the photos, but have a look at these below: West Gate male lion nose (Lpatpata) Nose of male lion […]

Identifying The Mystery Males

After the fight between Nabo and the new males, I returned to camp to try and figure out who these new lions were. It was hard to photograph them during the fight because of their nervous disposition and the fact that they kept hiding in bushes. I was also not sure whether there were 2 […]