Monthly Archives: August 2008

Real Lions Part 3

I spent a few days in Samburu and Buffalo Springs between the 7th and 10th of August monitoring the resident lions and checking up on Nashipai, Nabo, her cubs and the others. It was a good few days and I also found some new lions near Ngare Mara. I returned to Echo Lima camp in […]

Real Lions Part 2

After spending one night in the reserve monitoring the resident lions, I returned to Echo Lima camp on the 24th of July. Jeneria and Joseph greeted me and immediately told me that 4 lions had killed a young elephant in the Conservation Area that morning. The calf had been lost or abandoned and was roaming […]

Real Lions Part 1

Towards the end of June, everyone was hearing lions at night; the nearby lodge staff to our South, the community headquarters staff to our North and the Sasaab village people a few kilometers away. However, for some reason all of us at the Echo Lima camp were not hearing anything! Every morning, people would walk […]

Thank you

Sauwah, thank you for your donation to Ewaso Lions! We really are grateful for this donation and for your continued support. Thank you again, Best wishes from the Ewaso Lions team The photo below shows a new female I found in Buffalo Springs last week

About Me

So here is a little about myself! I was born and brought up in Nairobi the capital city of Kenya. I attended primary and secondary school in Nairobi, and it was whilst in secondary school that I developed a passion for wildlife conservation. Occasional school camping trips and safaris organised by my parents confirmed my […]

Meet The Ewaso Lion Scouts

The Ewaso Lion Scouts have been working in the West Gate Community Conservancy since March. The 3 scouts cover daily routes where they record information on lion sightings and tracks, wild prey and livestock locations and also collect any predator scat that they see along the way. They monitor the lion population within the conservancy […]

Meet Joseph Lepasiele

Joseph is Echo Lima camp cook and general manager! He is a Samburu warrior, originally from the Kipsing area. Joseph learned to cook for the first time on June 6th – our first day in camp. He has since become brilliant at cooking and surprised us all one day when he baked bread! He is […]

Meet Raphael Lekuraiyo

Raphael is a young Samburu warrior who started working on the project in September last year. He is the Community Liaison Officer and is my right-hand man. He networks with the community, records conflict, maps manyattas, supervises the scouts and much more. His home is West Gate itself, however he often spends time at the […]

Who Is The Ewaso Lions Team?

Many of you have asked me “who is the Ewaso Lions team”. This is my chance to tell you about the great team of guys that I work with. The Ewaso Lions team Ltalesi Lekuraiyo is a warrior from Ngare Ndare. He helps me track and spot lions and is brilliant at doing so. Often […]

Thank you Jan!

Jan, thank you so much for your donation towards the solar panel system at the Echo Lima camp! The system is working out really well and we are fortunate to have light in the evenings and I am also able to power my computer. So, again, thank you! I also just noticed that you sent […]