Monthly Archives: July 2008

Camp Nearly Washed Away

On the 11th of July, I was driving to camp from Samburu National Reserve when I noticed dark clouds form and surround us. I drove quickly to camp to consult with the guys to see what they thought. Joseph, camp manager and cook, said that if it rained it would come from the direction of […]

Bush Laboratory

Between January and May this year I collected 17 lion faecal samples in the reserve and Francis, one of the Ewaso Lion scouts has collected 10 samples in the community area. This is an important component of my project where I want to compare lion’s diet in the reserves and in West Gate Community Conservancy. […]

Cubs at last…

On the 29th of June, I received word from one of the resident driver guides in Samburu that he had seen 3 little lion cubs 2 days ago! Some background: The last time we had cubs in Samburu was in May 2006. Since then, Nashipai, Nabo and Uni have mated often with the 3 resident […]

Cheetah versus Zebra – who won?

Firstly, I must apologize for not having posted a blog in a really long time. Fieldwork has consumed every minute of my time. It has been an amazing month in the field with a lot going on. I will be posting a few blogs over the next few days to inform you of what’s been […]