Monthly Archives: June 2008

Echo Lima camp

The Ewaso Lions (known as Echo Lima ) camp has been set up! After doing a lot of running around in Nairobi last week buying solar panels, food, tents and more, I finally made it to Samburu a few days ago. I packed up all my stuff at the elephant research camp where I used […]

Ashe oleng Jan, Sauwah, Ana & an anonymous donor

Thank you so much Jan, Sauwah, Ana and an anonymous donor! All of us at Ewaso Lions really appreciate your donation to the project and will contribute towards payments for Gypsy, the project vehicle. Ashe oleng (thank you in Samburu!), Shivani and the rest of the Ewaso Lions team

The land of a thousand hills

Sorry for the long silence. I have been away from Samburu for 2 weeks, and today, I am breaking away from lion news to write about an amazing experience I recently had. I have recently returned from Rwanda, “the land of a thousand hills”, to fulfill a dream of mine – to see the mountain […]