Dead hyena

Whilst I was in Shaba last weekend attending the management plan meeting for Isiolo County Council, I heard that a striped hyena was seen dead in Samburu National Reserve. As soon as I returned to Samburu I went to check it out. Unfortunately, by the time I saw the hyena, not much was left apart from some hair and a little bit of skin. It was not easy to establish the cause of death. There were patches of hair scattered everywhere with blood as well. But that was pretty much it. I could tell that the hyena had been dragged around quite a bit. I am not sure whether it was dragged later after it died or was actually killed by something.


Collecting hair


It is quite hard to see hyenas here. Striped hyenas are more common then spotted and I see them maybe 2 or 3 times a month. Tracks are quite common on the road, and the striped hyenas are seen mainly at dusk and dawn. Since 2003, I have only seen spotted hyena 3 times and we almost never hear them at night.

I recently supplied the wardens and management of the reserves information on wildlife poisoning so they are aware of how it is affecting wildlife in Kenya. Not much has been documented in this part of the country on poisoning and the more people are aware, the better.

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4 comments on “Dead hyena

  1. Theresa Siskind St Petersburg FL on said:

    I pray this hyena died from predation or a fight. If he was poisoned, and then eaten by whatever…what an awful possibility of secondary poisoning. Is the use of poisoning, becoming more of an issue in this area?

  2. ewasolions on said:

    Hi Theresa,
    I also hope so. The hyena died not too far away from the reserve boundary which is surrounded by villages. Poisoning is becoming an issue here however has not been documented North of Lewa as far as I know. I am hoping to find out what I can in the area.

  3. sauwah on said:

    if this hyena were poisoned and its body was consumed, wouldn’t there be more dead bodies lying around?

  4. Seamus on said:

    Shiv – hi. interesting. Let me know if you have any leads.

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