Hello all! I am so sorry for the long silence on my side. I have been in the field for 10 days non-stop and have sooo much to report on.

I was in Shaba last weekend taking part in a workshop for the new management plan for Shaba and Buffalo Springs National Reserves. I am currently in the biodiversity taskforce and we are working towards setting up objectives and activities for the management plan, including how to deal with tourism pressure on animals, vegetation degradation and much more.

I have also spent a few days in the West Gate community area. I’ve recorded a lot of conflict over the last week and Raphael will write more about this soon. News from the reserve– you will be happy to know that Nashipai is back! More on this soon!

However, for now I have an appeal to put out. In January this year I purchased a Suzuki Maruti Gypsy vehicle for the fieldwork in Samburu. Named “Gypsy”, she really is a tough little car and does an enormous amount! At times, I cover more than 100 kms a day on rough roads monitoring lions, driving to conflict sites, conducting prey counts, transporting trees for planting at schools, driving scouts from one place to another and sooo much more. Gypsy is perfect in this kind of terrain and sails through the luggas, drives over rocks and soldiers through mud and water.


The vehicle company I purchased Gypsy from, were very kind and allowed me 6 months to pay for the car. I have been fortunate to secure funds for part of the car payments however I am still short of $3000. I need to complete the car payments very soon (I keep getting small polite reminders from the car people!) and kindly request you to please make a donation towards Gypsy. Each contribution adds up and I am so grateful to all of you for whatever assistance you can give.

I will write again very soon with news from West Gate, the reserves and more…!

On a last note, we are participating in WildlifeDirect’s business strategy. Please help us by taking this user survey, thank you.


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  1. sauwah
    Posted May 15, 2008 at 1:05 pm | Permalink

    so happy to hear from you. hate to learn conflicts. please keep us informed. we gotta know what has happened and how such conflicts can and will be resolved. not all conflicts are the faults of lions and other animals. i bet most fall on people who afterall have the biggest brains. lions may be big and strong; but have you seen their brain size?

    good luck to your car which needs fund. i will donate as much as i can. good work!

    so happy to know that nashipai is back!

    know the so called eco tourism can and do degrade the land on which all wildlife depend. we are just loving them to death i guess. therefore, the government must have some kind of control like allowing a low number of autos per site/animals.

  2. Posted May 15, 2008 at 3:08 pm | Permalink

    Totally agree with you Sauwah! We are relieved to hear Nashipai is alive and well…was getting worried about her. Will donate towards, “Gypsy” next paycheck.

  3. Posted May 16, 2008 at 11:15 am | Permalink

    Thank you Theresa and Sauwah!
    Any help for Gypsy will be most appreciated!
    News on Nashipai and the rest coming soon.

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